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  November 02, 2012 

Lace Knitted Ribbons

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Are you ready to have some more fun? For November's Bits of Lace project we will create lace knitted ribbons to distinctively dress-up our holiday gifts and even become a gift in themselves.

These easy to knit ribbons make fancy package ties to be enjoyed beyond opening the gift. And lace knitted ribbons are a great stash buster to use up leftovers of sparkly, festive yarns in ways that will make your gifts one-of-a kind and memorable.  I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Knitted Ribbons pattern is available for you now under the Free Membership Pattern menu. Get the pattern, grab some yarn and needles, and let's get started! When you go to get the pattern on the site, remember to login so that the system knows you are a privileged member; then you will see the Download button under the price (rather than the Buy button) which means the pattern is free to you.

To wrap up October's Bits of Lace Oak Leaf, did you see the post with more shared comments and project highlights that will add to the ideas of "now, what are you going to do with it?" Turning a Lace Edging into a Leaf.

There were 1622 member downloads of the Bits of Lace Oak Leaf pattern in October month. Let's make November an even bigger month. Invite your knitting friends to join our group! (and remember to tell them it is still free)

Happy knitting, Jackie E-S

Always Alice wrote:

"Thank you for the patterns each month......I have loved your patterns for years and will continue to follow you any and everywhere"

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