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  January 13, 2013 

Lauren wrote: "That is so cute. I haven't knit with beads yet just for the reasons you've stated. That [January's Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet project] is short and looks quite easy. Thank you so much for the pattern."

Beaded Garter Stitch: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Hi {!name_fix} -

For January, we're working on the Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet that features the Beaded Garter Stitch technique. This weekend's newest articles at the KnitHeartStrings site continue the series of bit-sized tutorials, tips and techniques to help build your enjoyment and skills for knitting with beads.

What aspects of quality should you really be concerned about for knitting projects that combine beads and yarn/thread? You deserve the best choices! So let's start off with a short checklist in the bit-sized tutorial, Combining beads and yarn: Learning to make good choices.

Then in A Peek Behind the Scenes, we take a closer look at Beaded Garter Stitch.

I'll be continuing to add more bit-size tutorials, tips and techniques, so stop by the site often to check in and be the first to see what's new. If you have questions or comments, be sure to post there and I will do my best to help you over any humps and to congratulate you on your progress.

If you have not already downloaded the Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet pattern, remember that it is available to you for free only during January. Hurry now to the Free Membership Pattern menu on the KnitHeartStrings site so you don't miss out.

Happy knitting and beading! Jackie E-S

p.s. Everyone is welcome to BOBBOL in 2013 and I don't want to leave anyone out. Please help me by letting your friends know about by tweeting, posting on your Facebook page, on Ravelry, etc. so they can join in the fun and free patterns.

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