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  January 22, 2013 

Cherilyn wrote: "I'm so glad to have become a member of your Bead and Lace Group. I had no trouble with the January pattern download — Great way to start the New Year. Thank you."

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Hi {!name_fix} -

How are you doing on your Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet?

I wanted to let you know about new articles on the KnitHeartStrings site. I don't want you to miss the chance to discover something new now.

If you have been dithering about making a Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet, Reasons for Pulse Warmers might give you the incentive to make not only one, but to make a pair!

You might have noticed in the written instructions for the Friendship Bracelet pattern, I gave you the number of beads needed in each row. Read about how you can take advantage of this to help avoid errors in Bead Row Pre-counting Tip.

I encourage you to first check for local sources of quality beads to use with your knitting. See Ideas for Finding Places to Buy Beads. I have also started a page for online Bead Sources.

Remember that Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet pattern is available to you for free only during January. Hurry over to the Free Membership Pattern menu on the KnitHeartStrings site to download the pattern now if you have not already gotten it.

Happy knitting and beading! Jackie E-S

p.s. As part of BOBBOL 2013, you get bit-sized tutorials, tips and techniques posted throughout each month, along with a free pattern! Let your friends know it's a great deal with free membership at Please help me spread the word. Thanks so much!

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