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  September 18, 2013 

Little Beaded Pumpkin

From Denise H: " ... the Little Beaded Pumpkin is adorable! It's what clinched things for me, and I plan on making oodles for friends this Fall. A group of them in varying colors and sizes will make a perfect table display, and would also be great as individual gifts for an Autumn party or Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you, Jackie! "

Structural 3-Dimensional Beaded Knitting

Hi {!name_fix} - How are you doing with this month's Little Beaded Pumpkin project?

If you missed the earlier announcement and have not already downloaded the pattern, it is available free this month only the Free Area of the KnitHeartStrings site. Be sure you are logged in with your KnitHeartStrings member username and password so that you will see a Download link rather than a Buy link.

The beaded pumpkin project is interesting because the beading technique of sliding several beads between stitches actually creates the 3-dimensional form while the item is being knitted. Read about Structural Beaded Knitting.

When a decorative project such as this pumpkin calls for lots of tiny seed beads in the same color, we can take advantage of beads that are available pre-strung. Read about Transferring Strings of Beads.

I hope you enjoy making a beaded pumpkin (or maybe even a whole pumpkin patch) for the fall!

Reminder: Have you entered? Read about the September Prize Drawing and how you can win.

Happy beading and knitting
! Jackie E-S

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