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  September 29, 2013 

Little Beaded Pumpkin

From Roxanne "... the little pumpkin is the cutest thing ever ..."

Wrapping up September's KAL

Hi {!name_fix} - Yikes, only one more day for September's KAL for Little Beaded Pumpkin KAL. To wrap up this month, don't miss out on these:

- Tips for Working with Lots of Strung Beads

- Stuffing and Closing

Get a look at the cover page of the Beaded Crescent Neck Lace pattern that will be our October KAL. Preview of October's KAL pattern! The complete pattern will be ready to download for free by all members on Tuesday, October 1. So gather your supplies and get ready to knit for October's KAL!

(Bonus for Premium Members: Get early access to the complete pattern now via the Ravelry Delivery coupon code in the premium area).

Happy beading and knitting
! Jackie E-S

p.s. Will the winner be you for this month's September Prize Drawing?

p.p.s. As part of BOBBOL 2013, members get bit-sized tutorials, tips and techniques, along with a free pattern! Invite your friends and let them know it's a great deal with both Free Level and extra-bonus Premium Level memberships available at I appreciate you helping me spread the word. We don't want to leave anyone out! Thanks so much.

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