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  January 18, 2014 

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 monthly project series

Lesley wrote: "Thank you once again Jackie for a beautiful and interesting pattern with new things to learn ... "

When Wrong is Right: Pleasing Reversibility

Hi {!name_fix} - I hope you are you are having fun this month with filet lace knitting for the I Heart Filet Lace scarf. If by chance you have not yet gotten the pattern, you can still download for free before Jan 25th. Be sure to be logged into the site with your KnitHeartStrings member username and password so you see the free download link rather than the buy button.

Note: If you are on the Premium membership plan, check the Premium Area for the coupon code to deliver the pattern free through Jn 31st to your Ravelry library.

Be sure to check out these latest support articles for this month's KAL :

Blocking in Progress for Natural Fibers - While knitting lace, do you worry whether you are going to like the outcome? That's where blocking in progress comes in. Here is how.

When wrong is right - Pleasing Reversibility: Looking at the other side of lace

Membership info updates :

Comparison of Membership Subscription Plans - 2014 brings new membership options and features to KnitHeartStrings. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the membership subscription plans now available and what is included in each.

Birthday Club - Have you included your birthday month in your member profile? See why and how.

January's Giveaway Like hearts? Like cats? To go along the theme of this month's even-count filet lace designs, I am giving away a set of waffle weave towels. Very absorbent for use as kitchen towels, you can also add delight to your meals and interior decorations by using them atop serving trays or side tables. See pictures and details of entering to win on the Prize Giveaway page.

Happy knitting, Jackie E-S

p.s. There is lots of good knitting now and to come for 2014 Beyond BOBBOL! Please help me spread the word and invite your friends to join our community of knitters at

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