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  February 13, 2014 

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 monthly project series

KyleAnn wrote: "I'm having tons of fun making these coffee cozies!"

sometimes it's the simple things

Hi {!name_fix} - This months's project in the Beyond BOBBOL 2014 KAL Series is the Irish Coffee Cozy. I hope you enjoy knitting along to "go green", while learning some new tips and techniques for beaded knitting and no-sew minamalist seaming. There are a couple of other bonuses in store for you, too.

Need a gift idea? Knit some for co-workers and friends, even if they are not Irish.

Irish Coffee Cozy pattern is available now at the special Knit-A-Longs member page HERE. Be sure to be logged in to see the discount offered for your membership level: 100% for Premium and Basic; 50% for Limited Content Level. This KAL discount on pattern runs through Feb 25, 2014. Even if you are on the Limited Content level and don't want to purchase the pattern now, you still have free access to the member-only tutorials, tips & techniques.

Support articles for Irish Coffee Cozy posted so far:
- Kick-off for February KAL: stringing beads to start your Irish Coffee Cozy
- Sometimes it's the simple things: the part that simple half-hitch cast on plays in seaming

Need Supplies?
If you need beads or yarn+beads to make Irish Coffee Cozies, see the Supplies Paks and new Beads section of the KnitHeartStrings Online Store. I don't want to give you any excuse to not be knitting with beads!

Monthly Prize
No other month of the year says "pink" to me as much as February. How about you? So, for the February giveaway, I've put together a special edition "pink" kit of yarn and beads for you to play with and create whatever your heart desires. See more about Heart's Desire Prize and how to enter the drawing.

Happy Valentine's Day! Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

p.s. There is lots of good knitting now and to come for 2014 Beyond BOBBOL! Please help me spread the word and invite your friends to join our community of knitters at

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