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  March 25, 2014  

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 monthly project series

Carolyn L wrote: "Had to chuckle ... When I read the subject, I was expecting instructions on how to literally mat and frame a piece of lace to hang on the wall as a piece of art:) LOL Sometimes my mind is a little to literal ... You did an excellent job with your play on words. I totally agree with you about 'framing & matting' lace pieces. It just sets them off so beautifully."

Completing the Framed Lace

Hi {!name_fix} - Another month has nearly whooshed by again! As a reminder, that means today is the last day of the March 5th - 25th discount pattern offer period on Spring Lace Leaves Scarf. See the Knit-A-Longs area of the KnitHeartStrings website.

Support articles for the March KAL will still be available throughout this year's Beyond BOBBOL 2014 Series so you can catch up or review anytime. Want to print/pdf any of the articles? Discover a Gem: Printer Friendly

Near Wrap-Up for March
Basically, the final rows of a one-piece end-to-end scarf with inner and outer borders is a reverse of the beginning. But there are some differences to be noted. Completing the Framed Lace

Besides the Bonus beaded version already posted, I have one more Bonus Extra coming to wrap up the month. Watch for "Going Halfsies" in a couple of days. I'll also have a photo tutorial of the "pull over" bind off join for those who fear grafting or just want to learn an easy no-bulk join.

Don't forget to check out the March Kit Prize Drawing for Black Watch yarn, Miyuki beads and the new Spring Raindrops pattern. Also, New Products in the KnitHeartStrings Store such as the Spring Raindrops Supplies Pak with Forest yarn and beads (shown in the banner above).

April KAL Sneak Peek
Looking ahead to next month's project in the Beyond BOBBOL 2014 series, get a sneak peek now at Next Up KAL.
Pattern availability to general membership at special KAL discounts beginning April 5th. Premium Members have early access via Ravelry Delivery option beginning late today (I hope!) or tomorrow.

Happy Spring knitting!
Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

p.s There is lots of good knitting now and to come for 2014 Beyond BOBBOL! Please help me spread the word and invite your friends to join us at

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