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  Newsbrief :: July 21, 2014  

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 monthly project series

Barbara wrote: I've been wanting to make myself a market bag. This is great timing, and a wonderful looking bag. Thanks, Jackie!

Lace-Like Non-Lace

Hi {!name_fix} - How are you coming along on this month's KAL for the Crossed Loop Market Bag? Sorry I have been more quiet than usual -- Been tied up with things to help John (my man-friend) through his eye surgeries. He is doing great now and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

But anyway, back to the Market Bag KAL. I wanted to share some comments and technique pointers, whether you are knitting the bag now or might be later on. Read Lace-like Non-Lace.

In case you are looking for the Market Bag pattern, it is here on the July KAL page. Be sure you are logged in with your member id to see your special discount.

2 Prize Giveaways for July
Remember there are 2 prizes for July! I am feeling generous (and thankful), as have so many of our KnitHeartStrings members been in their participation, sharing and support. I couldn't keep KnitHeartStrings going without you!

See 2 Prize Giveaways for July for info about the kits and leave your comment to let me know which prize you'd like to win. There's a choice of
- Kool Aid Dyeing Socks Kit
- Knitted Teddy Bear Kit
Then get your entries in to boost your chances to win. More info on the Prize Giveaway page.

Any questions? Just give me a shout-out. Happy knitting
Jackie E-S Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

p.s. Please spread the word and invite your friends to join KnitHeartStrings. There's lots of knitting fun to come in the monthly Beyond BOBBOL KAL series at

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