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  Newsbrief :: September 27, 2014  

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 monthly project series

Judy G. wrote: " What an interesting fabric! I had to try this one right away, and fortunately I had two solid colors of kitchen cotton on hand! "

Spot Weaving for other Kitchen Accessories

Hi {!name_fix},

Have you tried the Spot Woven Dishcloth pattern that is the project for September yet? If not, you can get the instructions here (available free). It doesn't take long and can be done this weekend!

You can also get helpful tips and answers to questions at Tips for Spot Weaving and Troika Technique:
- Testing Colors
- Attaching Another End of Yarn
- Slipping Stitches WYIF and WYIB
- Paying Attention to Tension
- The Troika Technique of Alternating 3 Strands of Yarn (and trivia about where the "troika" term comes)
- The Wrong Side
- Weaving in Ends (and knot-less methods to avoid weaving in a lot of extra ends in case you used scraps of different yarns for your accent spots)
- Comparison to Linen Stitch

Since the Spot Woven Stitch produces a dense, non-stretchy fabric, it can be used to make sturdy Kitchen Accessories other than just the small dishcloth we’ve made as our practice project for this month’s KAL.

To expand the possibilities for spot woven projects even more, see In-the-round Spot Weaving with instructions for the circularly-knitted version of Spot Woven Stitch.

In case all that does not keep you busy enough for this weekend, take an advance peek at Next Up KAL for the October project that revisits lace edgings, the Bits of Lace focus area that started off KnitHeartStrings in 2012! (Premium members can get early access to the October pattern now for free with the special Ravelry Delivery coupon located in the Premium Area.)

Oh, and don't forget to check out September's Prize Giveaway of
The Skinny on Lace Kit. There's just a few more days to enter if you have not already done so.

Have a great knitting weekend!

Jackie E-S Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

p.s. There's lots more knitting fun still to come at Please spread the word and invite your friends to come join us.

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