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  Newsbrief :: November 24, 2014  

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 monthly project series

Lori I. wrote: "I'll absolutely renew my membership, because I enjoy it so - you've made knitting come alive for me again, and I don't want to miss a thing."

Beaded or Not?

Hi {!name_fix}, I had mentioned previously that beading the slip-stitch Mosaic pattern is optional. So if you are just not into beads or don't have easy access to them, I do hope you will nevertheless give a try at the Mosaic Basket Weave Hat pattern for this month's KAL. See the post Unbeaded Variation of Mosaic Knitting.

In fact, I've just extended the KAL period another month so you can get the pattern and still have time to get to knitting for this KAL.

November KAL Extension
Haven't gotten the November KAL pattern yet? Chances are you are as busy with upcoming holiday preparations as I am. So I have extended the November KAL to December 25th to give extra time. Check out the details and get your pattern at special KnitHeartStrings member limited-time discounts - BEADED MOSAIC KNITTING KAL page

I've also updated the Premium Area to reflect the extension. You now have thru the end of December 2014 to get the Bonus KAL pattern Beaded Diamond Mosaic Ensemble for your holiday knitting pleasure.

I still plan to have a December monthly KAL pattern. So if you are already finished with November KAL (or soon will be) or just were not interested in the mosaic knitting, hang in there as we return to lace next month.

Get Your Entry(s) in for the November Prize Drawing
In time for gift-giving season, this month’s KAL Prize Drawing is for HeartStrings’ most popular design for holiday decorating: Bitty Beady Christmas Tree. Bead "ornaments" peek in and out of the trellis lace branches on this tiny traditional-looking Christmas tree. The branch tips are formed with serrated edging, giving a realistic look.
More details are at the Prize Drawing page.

For those celebrating the U.S. holiday this coming week, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. For everyone celebrating or not, I want to take this opportunity to give special thanks to you for learning, sharing, and taking the art of knitting to new heights along with me.

Jackie E-S Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

p.s. Can you believe there is only one more month to go after this in the 2014 Beyond BOBBOL Series? I'm pulling together the schedule now for 2015. If you have particular ideas you'd like to see, learn and knit in the future, let me know and I'll work them in if possible.

p.p.s. Have knitting friends who are not members of KnitHeartStrings? Forward this e-postcard to them and invite them to Join Now.

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