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  Newsbrief :: June 5, 2015  

Beyond BOBBOL 2015 monthly project series

Knit a bit of fictional history in red, white and blu

Americana Fictional History

Hi {!name_fix},

Sorry I am behind in getting this announcement out to you. In case you had not already stopped by the site and seen this month's KAL, here is info and a direct link.

This month’s featured pattern for Beyond BOBBOL 2015 is Americana, a 39-star placemat size version of a red, white and blue flag made in bulky weight yarn. The lacy feather and fan stripes symbolize the flag waving in the breeze. The 5-pointed stars are created with a nifty combination of knit stitch and simple embroidery.

The pattern instructions include a neat trick to carry the unused stripe color up each side without showing. No extra ends to weave in!

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Happy red, white and blue knitting,

Jackie E-S Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

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