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HeartStrings FiberArts
Knitterly News Special Issue #127
October 10, 2011
Taking the art of knitting beyond the ordinary —
From the classic to the uniquely appealing

Hi HeartStrings fan,

Here is the other exciting news I was holding off in the last newsletter as I needed to wait on until it was announced by one of HeartStrings' retailer partners, Patternfish.

When I wrote you last week, I did want to hold back sending you the regular issue so you could enjoy it sooner than later. Remember, there was even a limited-time offer included then (which still is good through Nov 15, so if you haven't read that newsletter yet, it is still available here).

Anyway, my big exciting news is that I am thrilled that my new beaded lace scarf design Dragonfly Dreams is a finalist in the Patternfish 10,000th Design Competition. The winner will be chosen by popular vote. I'd love for you to vote for my design if you like it. :)

The detail pattern page for Dragonfly Dreams on Patternfish contains additional photos, as well as ordering information if you should wish to purchase the pattern now.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for being a fan of HeartStrings!

Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Jackie E-S) Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Jackie E-S)

Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts

p.s. Please feel free to share this with anyone else you can think might be interested in helping me out. The more votes the better. :) Thanks again!

HeartStrings FiberArts / Jackie E-S Design Collections

From the classic to the uniquely appealing for today's modern knitter.

Skill-building, comprehensive instructions to advance the art of knitting.

Yarn-generic patterns for your creative freedom.

Featuring innovative designs for Knitted Lace and Beaded Knitting based on tradition in updated techniques.

HeartStrings FiberArts - Jackie E-S Design Collections


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