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 HeartStrings Knitterly News #149 :: August 2013 

Faceted Gems Lace Wrap

crow fair parade
Hi {!name_fix} -

How is your summer going (or winter for friends "down under")?

My last big fling of the summer will be to attend the Annual Crow Fair this weekend, a huge gathering in Montana of Indian tribes. The photo I took at left is from a few years ago. It gives you a small sense of the regal splendor displayed in the daily parades where each family loads up their horses (or cars) to show off their best traditional bead work, buckskin and leather work. It's not knitting, but the bead work itself is enough inspiration to rejuvenate my design mojo.

Enough about myself. Let's get on with the newsletter. I hope you enjoy it!
Your friend in all things fiber-y, Jackie E-S

What's On Your Mind?

Pick a project to fit your mood. Actually, I usually have several projects going at the same time, so I can work on the one to fit my mood at the moment. How about you? Here are some examples of HeartStrings designs ranging from mindless to attention-engaging. Did I include YOUR favorite HeartStrings patterns to fit the mood?

MINDLESS - repetitive and needing almost no attention. Let the yarn take the starring role. Great for those times when you just want to "zone out". Or there are just too many distractions in life to concentrate, yet you need the satisfaction of clicking the needles and comfort of letting the yarn slide through your fingers.

Spiral Nebula Shawl


A Bias Towards Lace Scarf

A Bias Towards Lace Scarf

ATTENTION-ENGAGING - concentrating is a welcome activity. You are ready for the challenge and accomplished self-satisfaction of mind over matter (i.e. yarn and needles!). It's total involvement with the knitting -- just you and it as friends.

Pianissimo Lace Blouse

Pianissimo Lace Blouse

Faceted Gems Lace Wrap
(also featured above in the newsletter banner)

Faceted Gems Lace Wrap

MINDLESS CONCENTRATION - the sort of in-between category that is somewhere between almost totally mindless and totally attention-engaging, depending on your skill and confidence. A bit of attention and counting is needed now and then. Basically once the stitch pattern is established, you can put your mind to other things like a bit of chatting at your social knitting gathering.

Hug-Me-Tight Fan Lace Jacket Wrap

Hug-Me-Tight Fan Lace Jacket Wrap

Beaded Lace Scarf II

Beaded Lace Scarf II

These patterns are available for purchase as both downloadable pdf format and full-color printed pattern format in archival quality clear sheet protector mailed to you promptly.

Click on the pictures to visit the HeartStrings website with more details.

Kitty In Your Lap Towel KAL for August


Kitty In Your Lap Towel Are you a cat lover (or know someone who is)? For August, we are knitting Kitty In Your Lap, a lap towel that features a friendly feline friend. The pattern is free for download in August by KnitHeartStrings members.

Come join us now if you haven't already. Register now. It's a great deal with free access to a pattern in the BOBBOL 2013 Series each month, along with bit-sized tutorials, tips and techniques articles for members.

Crafty knitters, spinners and crocheters all know the value of using a towel in your lap to provide protection from stray fibers as well as give contrast/lighting for better visibility of stitches or drafting zone.

This project is knitted with heavy worsted weight yarn, proving that not all lace needs to be knit on tiny needles with teensy yarn.

So knit along with us in August to make this useful, practical item for yourself or someone deserving a bit of kitty love.

From Becky: " Thanks for this pattern ! I'm a crazy cat lady with 3 cats. I never knew about the trick of using a towel on your lap to help see the stitches in dark yarn. "

Toys of the Trade

Don't have a fancy sock darning egg? An old-fashioned incandescent light bulb works, too. You say you don't know how to darn a sock? Read on about how to repair a sock with a knit-in-place patch.


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