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  Celebrating Knitterly News 7+ Years Subscribers 

Cascading Hearts, HeartStrings signature pattern stitch design

7+ Club - Let's Celebrate!

Hi {!name_fix} - I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks for being an awesome and loyal, long-time subscriber. According to my records, you have been with me for 7 years or more!

You might have noticed your subscription date of {!signdate long} included at the end of monthly newsletters. I know that is not an accurate date -- when I changed newsletter systems in December 2006, your original sign-up date was not brought over. Still, it is amazing to me (and to you, I hope) to realize we have been together for all this time. I REALLY do appreciate it.

Do you happen to remember when you subscribed? My first newsletter went out in 2000. Even if I can't place you exactly along the timeline since then, I know I am truly lucky to have YOU.

I hope you continue to enjoy the newsletter and I welcome feedback. If you have suggestions, or just want to lend a word of encouragement to help me give focus to what you like best, let me know anytime. Are there things you especially like or would like to see more of? Things missing? I want to make Knitterly News and my knitting patterns the best they can be for you.

Looking forward to another year of knitting fun together
, Jackie E-S

p.s. In tribute to heartfelt knitting and friendships, the above photo is from my 1995 HeartStrings' signature design for Cascading Hearts.

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