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 HeartStrings Knitterly News #157 :: April 2014 

Spring Raindrops beaded lace scarf in handspun yarn

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Springtime means more outdoor activities. And with that, I look around for portable, take-along projects to keep me stitching when I can, wherever I am. Check out some of the stunny accessory ideas in Make It With 300 Yards or Less below to start your ideas flowing.

I've got some new designs to inspire you, too. Sparkly beads glisten like raindrops, greeting the awakening of Spring's first leaves in Spring Raindrops shown above in the newsletter banner. To the left is Fab Bead Egg, a Faberge-inspired confection to knit and impress friends with your bead-sparkly creativity. Also, check the Nifty Nuggets section in the right side-bar for a pre-release special on the soon-to-be-released Pleasingly Reversible in Lace stole pattern.

What are your plans for the summer? My Summer schedule is fast approaching, which means I will be traveling more and will not be shipping orders after May 20 again until the late Fall. If you have been thinking about getting kits or supplies for summer stitching, please get your order in before May 15, 2014. Thanks!

Jackie E-S
Enjoy the newsletter and let me know what you think. If I can help in any way, give me a shout-out. Knitting on, Jackie E-S

Judy B. wrote: "Thank you for all the beauty you create and share."

Make It With 300 Yards or Less
Make the most of very little. To get your ideas flowing, check out some of HeartStrings' popular accessories designed to complete your look in 300 yards or less.

Swags of Lace
(200 yards)

Swags of Lace Crescent Scarf

Filigree Mitts
(200 - 235 yards)

Filigree Mitts


Peaks and Valleys
(300 yards)

Peaks and Valleys

Smoke Ring with Lace Edging
(300 yards for 22" size)

Smoke Ring with Lace Edging


V-Start Neck Kerchief
(150 yards)

V-Start Neck Kerchief

Matchmaker Sport Socks
(in sizes S - XL: 150-210 yards)

Matchmaker Sport Socks

Did I miss any of your favorite HeartStrings accessories patterns or one you are thinking about knitting? Let me know!

It's Tea Time :: April's KAL in the Beyond BOBBOL Series


Tea-time Serviette Janey W wrote: "That Tea-time Serviette has me sorely tempted already! Roll on April."

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 at KnitHeartStrings carries on the tradition of monthly learn-and-knit-a-longs for small projects while learning and practicing in bit-sized steps to bring the art of knitting to new heights.

Tea-time Serviette gives double meaning to tea time. This design features
- petit scalloped edging
- long tail beaded cast on (beading is optional)
- circular knitting to form a square from outside to center
- cold-brew tea dyeing for vintage effects
Tea-time Serviette extra bonusesAdditionally, KAL support articles this month include instructions for other edging options plus a smaller beverage coaster size.

There is still time to knit along. KnitHeartStrings members get 50% to 100% off the pattern price depending on your membership plan. Even if you decide not to get the pattern and knit along, you can hang around for the free tips, tutorials and techniques to inspire and advance your knitting skills. Check out the KAL page for more information.

Not a KnitHeartStrings member yet? Register now for an Introductory Free 30-Day Trial that includes a free download of your first monthly KAL pattern. You can then upgrade to the Basic Level or Premium plan to continue receiving a free monthly pattern download plus extra benefits. Or stay around beyond your trial on the Free Limited Content level to take advantage of free lessons and option to purchase featured KAL patterns at a significant member-only discount.

See Membership Plans for an overview comparison to help you pick the plan that best meets your budget, anywhere from free to VIP supporter.

Toys of the Trade

Beads to take your knitting from ordinary to extraordinary Miyuki beads

Have you tried knitting with beads? It's simple and fun. Probably the most difficult part is finding and choosing the right beads for your project.

If you need help selecting a size or color to coordinate with your yarn, please ask and I'll be happy to assist with your beading needs. Store link here.


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Win this Jaggerspun Zephyr silk/wool yarn in HeartStrings' exclusive Zephyr-In-A-Net plus printed, autographed shawl pattern. More about the April prize drawing ...


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