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 HeartStrings Knitterly News #161 :: August 2014 

Maple Leaves Scarf

Hi {!name_fix}! Oh, my. I'm already seeing hints of autumn colors not far off here in the high plains of Colorado. How is it looking where you are?

To jumpstart your just-around-the-corner autumn knitting, delight in the color and texture of fall-themed HeartStrings patterns such as the Maple Leaves Lace Scarf shown in the newsletter banner above and Playing in the Leaves lace medallions/coasters.

Now let's get on with the rest of the newsletter. Enjoy!
Jackie E-S
Jackie E-S

Lori I. wrote: "Thank you for all you do to keep the art of knitting alive, with wonderful, challenging patterns and such passion! "

Make It Your Own
Using Ravelry projects for HeartStrings patterns as an inspirational resource.

An underlying principle of my HeartStrings patterns has always been to offer "Yarn-generic patterns for creative freedom using yarns you like". Of course, for the sample model(s) pictured in the patterns, you might initially be swayed into envisioning the project in only that yarn. But please don't feel locked into that -- I whole-heartedly give you my permission to use something other than the specific sample yarn I show. In fact I ENCOURAGE you to make the look your own in the yarn YOU like.

Thanks to the many knitters who take the time to share their project information and information on Ravelry, you can use these as inspirational resources for ideas of making HeartStrings patterns your own, in your own way, with the yarns and colors you like, and more!

Here's an example to demonstrate a few of the many features offered by Ravelry to help you.

Below is a snippet of an example pattern page at Ravelry. This one happens to be for the Scotch Thistle Lace Stole.

suggested yarn

Note: One way to pull up any HeartStrings pattern page at Ravelry is to go to the Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer Designs/HeartStrings FiberArts store on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/stores/jackie-erickson-schweitzer-designs.

The "Suggested yarn" field is usually the yarn that was used to knit the sample model pictured in the pattern. By no means does this limit you to using only that particular yarn in the color shown though!

Click on the "yarn ideas" tab to see all the yarns used for this pattern by Ravelry members who have posted their projects.

other yarns used by Ravelry members for this pattern

Click on the "projects" tab to see the actual projects for this pattern that Ravelry members have knitted or are knitting. Note: If you are not a Ravelry member, you might need to join (it's free) to view other members' projects.

Most members post pictures so you can see the colors they used and other insights to knitting the project, or how the article can be used or worn.

projects for this pattern shared by Ravelry members

If you use the Stash feature of Ravelry, the "In my stash" field even identifies possible yarns for this pattern that are in your stash!

Ravelry identifies possible yarns for this pattern that are in your stash

Ann F. wrote: "Thank you so much!  The Ravelry site gave me ideas, showing me that I have some latitude in the yarn I choose. I'm heading now into the basement to check out my cabinet of stash. ;-)"

BOBBOL KAL's at KnitHeartStrings

A Corny August KAL

Lorna's Light Necklace PurseDid you know that corn has been used to make yarn? The corn fields around here are in their peak harvest. Although not likely destined for making yarn, the corn nevertheless reminds me of yarn, lol.

So for the August KAL, I thought it would be appropriate to the season to do a project with a corn theme. Lacy Maizy features lace and cables designed to resemble ears of corn and give a nod to maize yarn. You'll also learn how to cable without a cable needle (if you want to; if not, instructions for cabling with a cable needle are also included).

Check out the Lacy Maizy KAL page for more info and special member-only discounts on the pattern through August 31, 2014.
(Note: To give you a little bit more time this month, this is an extension of the usual 25th of the month cut-off.)

p.s. NEXT UP KAL at KnitHeartStrings: SPOT WEAVING that mimics the look of beads. If you haven't joined KnitHeartStrings KAL's yet, do so now so you don't miss out on this! JOIN NOW. There is no charge to join.

Toys of the Trade

Forego the cable needle.

russian join step 1

I love cables, but am not too fond of fiddling with a cable needle. How about you? Learn to cable without a cable needle - See the step-by-step photo tutorial ...


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