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 Dealer Newsletter :: August 2012 

Dear Industry Partner - This month is a little strange for me because I am out of the studio for most of August and part of September. Working on a different computer in different settings without my usual stuff around me definitely has its challenges. I think I am getting the hang of it now, though, so hopefully this newsletter will reach you ok.

Last month I featured the new Ice Strawberry color from Crystal Palace Yarns. Now I want to give equal time to another of their lovely colors that inspired one of my new patterns. It is shown above in the new color called Harvest knitted in the Flames of Fall stole pattern. I thought it was a perfect match for the design theme and hope you enjoy it, too.

Hoping this finds you well and savoring the last weeks of "official" summer. Enjoy the newsletter!
Sincerely, Jackie E-S

JaanL writes: " Even though my lace isn't perfect, I love your newsletters and most of all the patterns to work on. They are very pretty and I enjoy working on each of them. Thank you so much for showing us how easy lace can really be. "

Hot Picks

Cowl Dickey Flared Lace Smoke Ring
Qiviut Neck Muff

It is summer and blisteringly hot here in most of the Northern Hemisphere, but the cold weather is coming and giving up knitting is out of the question. Cowls come to mind; fast, not much sizing to worry about, not a huge quantity of yarn to sit in your lap.

COWL DICKEY (top left) is a quick, easy-to-knit woman's dickey. The loose-fitting draped neckline results in a comfortable accessory that will fit almost anyone. Faster to knit than a full sweater, just tuck in the "body" of this dickey under a plain sweater or shirt, leaving the cowl collar draping over to add an exquisite touch. Pattern #A9BG

FLARED LACE SMOKE RING (top right) continues to be one of HeartStrings most popular patterns even after over 10 years. It is designed with stunning knitted lace ribs that radiate like a fan. This makes a versatile accessory that can be worn pulled down around the neck to lay on the shoulders as a dressy neckline, or pulled up over the head as an elegant head covering. Pattern #A49

(center) takes only a small amount of yarn, so it is ideal for indulging in a luxury fiber such as qiviut. Lusciously soft and warm, this lace neck muff is designed so that it can be worn in either a cowl or yoke style. Only two simple lace pattern rows are used to produce the zig zag ribbed lace stitch with pleasing reversibility and softly scalloped edges. Pattern #A189

See even more HeartStrings patterns for small projects for the Neck and Up.

The Joy of Blending Yarns in a Troika Shawl


I think it is neat to blend yarns, and I am always intrigued by what other people come up with. And so when Joy told me about how well her colors came together in the Troika Wrap-around Faroese Shawl she recently made, I thought this might be an idea you'd like to use to make unique, added-value kits by combining odd-lot yarns in your shop that are awaiting a good home.

The amazing thing is that Joy comes up with these amazing blended palettes without even being able to see. But that never holds her back, and you'd never know it by reading her story:

" I've wanted to knit the Troika shawl for a long time, and I had the right amount of yarn for one colour (a deep purple in Paton's Classic Merino) leftover from another project, so I kept trying to match it, on a budget.

I was really happy when I did, and was so excited to cast on and start it.

The yarns I used ended up blending their colours in a very striking way
... (read on) "

Joy, thank you so much for sharing your special shawl and it's story.

Everyone, I do hope you will also take a few moments to browse and enjoy Joy Cyr's original artwork at

More about the Troika Wrap-Around Faroese Shawl pattern at the HeartStrings site.

Determining Bead Sizes


Knitting needle gauges come in handy for more things than just checking a needle sizes.

Here's a tip on how to use a
knitting needle gauge to determine bead size ...

Business Savvy


The introduction of 9 jewel tone colors brings Colinton's Australian mohair Color Finesse collection to 19 colors. Read on ...


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Yarn Market News Now Available in Digital Format
Exciting news for those who prefer the convenience of reading on iPads or other tablet devices. Register at the Yarn Market News website and download the current magazine issue now of this magazine for yarn industry professionals. Here is the Registration Link to get you started.

Interweave releases new free copyright for Crafters and Artists eBook
Heather Gooch of Positive Yarn keeps yarn shops in the loop with news and tips. In her most recent newsletter, I learned about Interweave's free new eBook about copyright. If you talk to Heather, let her know you heard about Positive Yarn from Jackie E-S at HeartStrings FiberArts.

Bits of Lace for August
I'm delighted that even though we are barely past a week into this month's project for Bits of Lace, there already has been a lot of excitement and word of several people progressing on this month's project for Spiraling Diamonds Lace-edged Towel.


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