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Featuring the creativity of knitters inspired by Summer Solstice, the June pattern in The Sock Calendar: Socks For all Seasons.
Get ready before the long, hot days of summer with these airy, lightweight socks in tropical colors.

Knitted by Gail R. This photo is of Gail wearing the socks, which she felt brings out the eyelet detail in the socks more than the picture of them laying flat.

Gail says ...

I used Plymouth Sockotta color #14 Teal, Green, and Navy. To get the gauge I used Crystal Palace DPN's 1.5 (US) 2.5mm. The eyelet pattern was very easy to memorize, however as with all my sock knitting I kept track of my round counts. This was the first time doing the Dutch Heel and found it very easy to do.

Summer Solstice
I started knitting in January 2002 and started learning socks in October 2002. I take classes at my LYS. I knit both sweaters, vests, etc. in addition to socks. I sometimes look at socks as a springboard to techniques that you may not experience if a new knitter feels intimidated with learning knitting techniques other than the stockinette or garter stitch or just making simple things.

I put myself in the category of Advanced Beginner and would recommend this sock to experience the many techniques used that can be transferred in making sweaters, etc. The eyelet pattern is a great way to learn doing a simple pattern stitch with yarn overs, knitting 2 together and the SSK and see the outcome.


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Do you have TSC socks you have made and would like to display in the Gallery?
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Last revised April 4, 2003