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Featuring the creativity of knitters inspired by KoolAid Kidz Socks, the August pattern in The Sock Calendar: Socks For all Seasons.
A perfect project for the last days of summer. Let children pick out the colors (and scents!) they want for back-to-school socks...and help with the dyeing for a fun science project.

Made by Claudia D for her granddaughter who loves them!

Claudia says ...

Kool-Aid Kidz Socks
This pattern was fun and very quick to knit -- I had them done in no time. I had never done a peasant heel, however, and was hesitant about putting in the contrasting color line there. Yes I did dye them and they were my first ever dyeing project! It took me quite a while to collect the Kool Aid as aI was living in Manhattan when I made them and Kool Aid is not readily available there! I used Slammin Strawberry Kiwi for the Strawberry Pink and Grape, which I overdyed in the same dyebath with Ice Blue Rasberry Lemonade because the Grape was too drab. I used this chart to select my colors www.thepiper.com/fiberart/koolaid/colorchart.html

It was so easy and so much fun, that I at the next fiber event I attended, I bought Some Country Classic Dyes and dyed another skein in a Rasberry/Blueberry combo. It came out wonderfully and I can't wait to knit it up! You got me hooked LOL!

Thanks so much for putting my photo's up, I have been having a lot of fun showing them (and your site and calendar) around and of course, my granddaughter loves the socks. She has asked me for another pair in yellow!

Cheers, Claudia


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Last revised April 4, 2003