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Featuring the creativity of knitters inspired by Everybody Wants Sox!, the October pattern in The Sock Calendar: Socks For all Seasons.
Just in time for gift knitting season...here's a crew sock that's quick, simple, and handsome...in sizes for all your family and friends!

Knitted by Gail R.

Everybody Wants Sox in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Liberty
Gail says ... Since my husband is a veteran I decided to make him the Everybody Wants Socks using Lorna's Laces Sport Weight in the Liberty colorway with contrasting heels and toes in Lorna's Laces Sport Weight Nearly Solid navy.

After doing a gauge swatch using a Size 3 dpn and achieving the pattern gauge I choose to start the socks in the Adult Size Large. Even though I did gauge I realized that after I started knitting the socks the yarn was knitting a little too loose for socks and looked too large for his skinny legs (LOL). I decided to knit 2 pattern repeats and have my husband try the socks on. The sample swatch was too large so I downsized to size 2-1/2 needles and tried again on the 72 stitches and sock continued to be a little too loose. Then decided to go down to the size medium with the size 2-1/2 needles and the sample swatch fit him well and continued on with the socks.

My next challenge was DH's wide foot. Instead of decreasing to 60 stitches per the pattern recommendation I increased the stitch count from 63 to 64 before I started the heel. I used the V-Heel for the heel turn.

DH loves the socks and does wear them. I plan on making another pair for myself to match his but will use the Lorna Lace Shepherd Sock in the same colors. Since the Shepherd sock yarn is fingering weight I will probably do the socks using the 63 stitch cast on using a size 1 needle.

I enjoy the Sock Calendar and the instructions and detail is well written. Thanks again Catherine and Jackie for the wonderful Sock Calendar.

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Last revised November 11, 2003