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Knitterly News #107 - Oct 22, 2009
Taking the art of knitting beyond the ordinary —
From the classic to the uniquely appealing

Hi knitting friend,

I'm back as promised with announcement of a new tutorial, including a 100% discount offer for newsletter subscribers (i.e. that means free for you!) . It won't last forever, so be sure to read on and see how you can take advantage of this.

This issue of Knitterly News brings you announcement of the winner of the Treat-or-Treat Contest. What I kept a secret until now is that there was a double treat for this contest. If you entered and answered the questions correctly, you have a treat coming, too! More below.

The new patterns for the Late Fall Release are also previewed in this newsletter. Many stores have already ordered these for early shipment, but be sure to let your favorite yarn shop know about them so they can get them in for you and your knitting friends.

Enjoy! Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts


"Join without twisting ... " a Fool-Proof Method

How many times have you seen this phrase in a pattern for knitting in the round? "Join without twisting ...". Seems straight-forward enough, right? You probably heed the advice to check, and then re-check once more, to make sure stitches are not twisted before joining into your round.

I have to admit that I have goofed more than once. I don't like to waste time on goofing, darn it. When there are relatively few stitches, at least it's not too big of a deal to rip and start over.

But what about when there are LOTS of stitches? If you are like me, you want to avoid mishaps after investing much time in casting on and knitting a few rounds, only to then discover a problem despite your best efforts to avoid a twist.

So I've developed a short step-by-step tutorial for a foolproof method (assuming you follow the steps, lol) to join without twisting when there are lots and lots of stitches.

Join without twisting
click to enlarge in new window

This method is especially helpful when using finer yarns where you can't easily see or feel the stitches.

There are side benefits of this method, too. It can help you easily count stitches and confirm stitch count by groups of some convenient number of your choosing. If additionally you choose that number to coincide with a stitch pattern multiple that you will work after casting on, then you are one step ahead of the game in establishing and confirming your stitch pattern sequence.

As a HeartStrings newsletter subscriber, you may view or print the tutorial for free anytime through Saturday October 31, 2009. You need to access the tutorial here to get this free beta version.

Oh, and just in case you want to have a project or two lined up on which to use this method, check out these patterns:

I hope this method helps you get off to a good start in these projects or others that may have challenged you to "join without twisting ...". Let me know how it goes!

Treat-or-Treat Contest: a double treat

I hope you had fun with the Treat-or-Treat contest. The answers to the contest questions were —

Spooky Beaded Treat
  1. What is the title of the pattern shown in this picture? Spooky Beaded Treat Wristlets and Matching Socks (just saying Spooky Beaded Treat was acceptable, too)

  2. What technique is used to make the wristlets and sock cuffs? Knitted sideways in beaded garter stitch (slight variations of this were acceptable, just so you got the jist of these main points)

Congratulations to Virginia K who is the winner of the prize drawing for a Spooky Beaded Treat socks and wrist warmers kit.

Actually, there is a "double treat" in this contest (thus the "treat-or-treat" part, lol) because all valid contest entrants will be sent a special coupon code for 15% off downloadable HeartStrings patterns. If you entered and answered the questions correctly (or at least close enough), I'll soon be emailing you details of where and how to use your coupon. So be watching for that to come within about the next 12 hours.

Side note: If you didn't initially answer correctly, now you know why I encouraged you to try again!

What's next? I have some ideas for a Winter Holiday Contest beginning next month, but would love to hear what is on your wish list in the Christmas Knitting and Other Winter Treats design collection. That just might influence my choice of which kit prize to offer.

Check out the newest patterns for Late Fall

These new patterns for the Late Fall Release will officially be available beginning the week of November 2. You might find them earlier, though, because they are ready now and already shipping out to stores. Be sure to let your favorite yarn shop know about them so they can get them in for you and your knitting friends.

Hug-Me-Tight Fan Lace Jacket Wrap
H16 Hug-Me-Tight Fan Lace
Jacket Wrap
Coronet Collaret
H24 Coronet Collaret
Beaded Lux Shoulder Shawl
H58 Beaded Lux Shoulder Shawl
#T311 Dancing Feet
T311 Dancing Feet
Qiviut Neck Muff
A189 Qiviut Neck Muff

#H16 Hug-Me-Tight Fan Lace Jacket Wrap
The concept for this cover-up was based on a vintage garment style. However, this design is updated with a modern-day relaxed fit and easy-knitting circular construction. Modeled in Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere.

#H24 Coronet Collaret
This stunning little accessory can be used as both a detached collar and a fancy coronet headband or ear warmer. Knit it up quickly using just 50 yards of worsted weight yarn. Modeled in Colinton 100% Australian Angora Goat mohair. Coronet Collaret is featured in Interweave Knits Accessories 2009 magazine "Top 10 Picks"!

#H58 Beaded Lux Shoulder Shawl
Beaded Lux is a splendid shawl featuring luxury yarn, textured lace and all-over beaded accents. Modeled in Buffalo Gold Lux.

For dancing in the street or, more likely, whenever feet are feeling whimsical or unappreciated. Dancing Feet was previously published in The Sock Calendar as the November design. The Sock Calendar has long been out of print but there continues to be interest in the sock patterns that were included in the book. I'd been working toward re-publishing the designs as single patterns, and Dancing Feet now completes the availability of all 12 designs.

#A189 Qiviut Neck Muff
Lusciously soft and warm, this lace neck muff is designed so that it can be worn as either a cowl or yoke. Only two simple lace pattern rows are used to produce the zig zag ribbed lace stitch with pleasing reversibility and softly scalloped edges. Modeled in Windy Valley Musk Ox 100# qiviut. (now available as a single pattern; previously published in Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders, Storey Publishing)

I'll be back in a couple of weeks to announce a Winter Holiday Contest. Be sure to let me know what is on your wish list!

Thank you for being part of HeartStringsFiberArts.com. Happy knitting,

Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Jackie E-S)

p.s. Your thank you donation will be used to help me continue to provide you free educational resources and newsletters.

Please do not feel any obligation ... each person knows what they are capable of and is in their heart to do. Even an occasional donation, whether small or large, is very much appreciated.

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