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 Dealer Newsletter :: November 2012 

Happy Fall at HeartStrings Lace Maple Leaves from the Playing in the Leaves Collection

Dear industry partner -

The newsletter banner above features Loganberry Crescent Shawl. The color red always makes me think of the holidays. You can click the banner to read more about the pattern and yarn I used.

And speaking of shawls, I've pulled together ideas for some ways to wear a triangle shawl -- maybe some that you had not thought about before?

Judy wrote: "Great ideas, Jackie! This opens a whole world of new looks!"

Enjoy the newsletter!
Sincerely, Jackie E-S

Some Ways to Wear Triangle Shawls
How do you like to wear a triangle shawl? Maybe you had not thought of some additional ways you can expand your shawl wardrobe just by wearing with a new look.

Here are some ideas using examples from the HeartStrings photo galleries:

Peggy's Shawl knitted by KyleAnne Williams in Crystal Palace Kid Merino Bobble Lace Flowers Triangle Shawl

Most often we probably think of wearing a triangle shawl in the traditional style as above. Simply lay the long edge across the back neck, with point hanging down symmetrically in back and tails hanging down to each side in front.

Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl Beaded Lux Shoulder Shawl

A slight modification to the traditional look is to turn back the long edge along the neckline to effect a roll-collar style. This is especially pretty when the long edge is scalloped or pointed.

Ethereal Fichu

Or you can wear the shawl asymmetrically with the point to one side, and the tails flipped to back and front over the opposite shoulder.

Shawllow Tri Shawl Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl worn upside down

Turn it upside down! This gives a totally different look. Give it a try -- I think you will like it.

Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl worn upside down and tied in front Shallow Tri Shawl worn tied in front

If the tails are long enough, you can wear them tied in front (or not - your choice).

Shallow Sideways Tri Shawl Shallow Sideways Tri Shawl

Triangle shawls with very long tails compared to the length of the point (i.e. shallow) offer other wearing possibilities such as criss-cross wrapped in front and tied in back (left) or worn sideways at waste and tied (right).

This is just a start -- play around with your own ideas. Who says a triangle shawl can be only worn one way?!

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