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 Dealer Newsletter :: May 2013 

Warm Hearts Comfortghan

Jackie E-SLong time since I last wrote - sorry. A lot has been happening ... Most notably there are some life changes that have led to the decision to take time to enjoy life and travel with my man friend while we still can. After May 17, 2013, I will be closed for an extended summer break.

Meantime I have been busy with new designs and am excited to get them out to you now (even though I had originally planned for April). I hope you agree that good things are worth waiting for. :) Please see the new pattern announcements below. Standing orders for auto-shipments will be processed May 16.

Also, please check your stock and let me know as soon as possible of any patterns needed.

As a reminder, HeartStrings patterns are also available through selected wholesale distributors listed here.

I'll be checking in often while on "break", so feel free to write or leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your business and support. Sincerely,

Jackie E-S

New Patterns

Here's the line-up of 3 new HeartStrings patterns that were supposed to be announced to you and sent out in April. I am running behind after my man friend John's heart decided to almost give out (fortunately the docs have him fixed up now and he is doing great, thank you). Anyway, I am back in the studio and will process autoshipments next Thursday, May 16, 2013. Please check your stock now to let me know of any other patterns you need added to your order to take advantage of shipping.

Click on the pictures to visit HeartStrings website with more details.

Fleur de Lis Lace Cape

Fleur de Lis Lace Cape

Alhambra Arches Lace Stole

Alhambra Arches Lace Stole

#H84 Fleur de Lis Lace Cape
Wrap yourself like royalty in this majestic cape shawl. Fingering weight. Optional beads. MSRP $7.50

#H89 Alhambra Arches Lace Stole
Beaded lace borrows inspiration from the stunning architecture of the famous Alhambra castle in Spain. Lace weight. Optional beads. MSRP $8

#B8 Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch
(shown in the newsletter banner above)
Even the fussiest balls will love being tamed by this protective pouch. Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch will give your yarn balls a pretty dress-up while protecting the yarn itself. Fingering weight. Optional beads. MSRP $6

Business Savvy

Do you love silk, but hate when it snags on your hands while knitting or spinning? Here's a different take on Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

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